Tuesday 23rd of July 2024


Timelapse of Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

Runs from midnight to midnight

Looking out the center of Skagafjörður from Varmahlíð.

Skagafjörður is about 40 km long and 15 km wide, situated between Tröllaskagi to the east and the Skagi Peninsula to the west.

The bay is located in a submerged glacial valley which is continued southwards by a plain in which lies the delta of the Héraðsvötn river. The main settlement of this valley is Varmahlíð, were our camera is located.

This is one of Iceland’s most prosperous agricultural regions, with widespread dairy and sheep farming in addition to the horse breeding for which the district is famed. Skagafjörður is the only county in Iceland where horses outnumber people.

There are three islands in the bay: Málmey, Drangey and Lundey (Puffin Island). Drangey can be seen at the center of the frame.

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